Here at Danielle Quinn Interior Design and Styling we offer our clients an Interior Design service from vision and concept through to direction and creation. Our service goes well beyond simply finding pieces that look beautiful- an interior should be a reflection of the people who will be living and spending time in it so getting a feel for a client’s lifestyle and needs is just as important as finding out their favourite colour. Each project is unique to us and we design to suit our client’s desires and most importantly budget. No interior project is too small (or too large); from upholstery and soft-furnishings to kitchen and bathroom design we strive to help our clients on all aspects of their interior design needs.

We also offer our clients a full Interior Styling Service as in our eyes this is the most important part of bringing an interior together. In some cases having a bit of a‘re-style’ can make a dramatic difference to a space without having to spend a lot, great for those having trouble selling their home or looking to attract new tenants. We love nothing more than mixing treasured antiques and heirlooms with reclaimed pieces and we are happy to source such items to make a space more personal to the people that will be using it. Get in touch for a consultation and see how we can create a new and exciting interior for you.

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